Pharmaleaders to Host “Incredible Pharmaleaders 2013, Billion Dreams, Pushing India’s Growth Agenda

Pharmaleaders to Host “Incredible Pharmaleaders 2013, Billion Dreams, Pushing India’s Growth Agenda

6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2013 to focus on Indian Healthcare Sector’s Growth Agenda & Policy Reforms

Wednesday,30th December 2013, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India : Indian Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry’s most awaited & eagerly awaited annual pharma leadership event, the sixth annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders’Business Leadership Awards 2013 ( )  is set to be host in Mumbai, India, at Hotel Hilton Mumbai International Airport on 27th December 2013 under the theme Incredible Pharmaleaders, Billion Dreams – Pushing India’s Growth Agenda by Asia;s biggest & most analytical news media Pharmaleadrs ( ). Widely perceived by the industry’s experts, the historic sixth edition of the summit will address & deliberate on the most compelling issues the industry is confronting over the last one year by the Industry veterans, Policy Makers, Pharma Academia, Politicians & leading medical experts.

The platform is expected to raise the key questions rather the issues that will grapple the Indian pharma companies as to what are the drivers of the Indian pharmaceutical industry in an era  where Healthcare in india is most neglected as the study reveals 28 percent of the country’s population accounts for 31% of all doctors in the country with Delhi leading  the chart with 40,500 doctors alone for a population of 1.6 crore and Haryana has the highest density of 2.3 doctors per 1,000 population.But this does not mean that residents from these states are healthier, that distinction goes to Kerala, which ironically has the lowest doctor density of 1 per thousand amongst the 120 cities. It is equally important that as the industry shrinks to fit a more challenging competitive set, hence the industry  must steer their own way through an obstacle course of opposites that we characterize as “growing to be small.” Today, it’s all about expanding the business while avoiding bloat, the traditional by-product of success: staying externally focused; eliminating internal barriers to faster decision-making; collaborating with others to defray risks; getting close to the customer, who often wears many hats; and creating dominant therapy positions in multiple niche markets that, when combined, produce equivalent blockbuster results, at lower fixed costs and less hassle.

Announcing the date & theme of the Pharmaleaders’s 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2013, Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders said “ While the industry today is at the loggerheads with the Government & various statutory authorities including the regulators such as Drug Administration, market watchdog SEBI & host of other organizations, there is a lack of meaningful dialogue & interaction between the Industry & the Government leading to the bigger uncertainty of the overseas players coming to India with the basket of products & investments due to a weak law & virtual policy paralysis. The issue of Pricing is the biggest factor leading to the discontentment of te Pharma Companies. The unavailability of medicines seen across the country is the major challenge as well.The declining research & drug discovery, Clinical trials are seen as major deterrents”. The Pharmaleaders platform therefore attempts to build the gap of trust deficit & infuse the sense of confidence of the country’s drug makers.

The 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards will also confer the prestigious annual awards to the rising healthcare leaders & top performing companies.  Image


PM Singh Bows Down to Prince Rahul Gandhi

News Alert : The Meeting between the President & The PM has just ended which lasted for 1 Hour. The Meeting was one on one between the two highest constitutional authorities though the cabinet was present to give a ceremonial see off to the First Citizen of India Pranab M for his 6 days trip to Brazil. After Rahul gave a skip at Rajghat where PM Singh & UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi were seen seating at distance, Rahul proceeded to 7 Race Course Road to meet the PM & told that the Ordinance was anti people. PM has conveyed to the Prewsident that the Cabinet has decided to withdraw the Ordinance. While this will be the triumph of indian people, all parties including BJP, CPM, BJD who are opposing will face the axes as all party has tainted members where cases are in advanced stage. A big blow to Political Class, Long Live Indian Parliament!Image